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As a leading provider of IT solutions, Micro Solutions assists business, clinical and IT professionals to leverage technology as an enabler. We help our customers to optimize current investments while integrating new solutions that can simplify your IT environment, improve performance, drive productivity, reduce costs, enhance security and provide flexibility for growth.

Micro Solutions can help you to accomplish these objectives in the midst of an IT environment that is more challenging than ever. Increasing user-access requirements, rising security threats, growing data volume and evolving regulatory requirements must be managed with fewer resources and limited budgets. Without question, it’s a daunting task – but Micro Solutions is ideally positioned to help.

We have a proven track record of creating innovative technology solutions that take advantage of the best available hardware, software and services. Our expertise includes resource optimization, business resiliency and security, storage management, networking and unified communications. For nearly 25 years, Micro Solutions has been delivering unsurpassed value to our clients in these areas. Our technical expertise, expanded range of solutions, financial flexibility and unwavering commitment to client success have helped companies like yours meet their IT goals, and ensure that you resolve your most critical and complicated IT challenges.

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